Our work – What does DANCEWRITE do?

For DJ’s, Producers & Artists:

We’re offering you a full range of promotional services, helping you to build your career from A to Z. We take care of your online presence, by delivering professionally written biographies, artist profiles, press releases, interviews, website content and more. But next to that, we also offer the service to send out your track to our database of more than 1500 DJ’s and promote it. Here’s a list of what  DANCEWRITE can help you with:

  • Full and extended biographies
  • Short version biographies/ artist profiles
  • Press releases for artist news, tracks, albums, mixes and merchandise
  • Website items/news articles
  • Interviews
  • Advise on social media strategy
  • Promotion of your track to our database of DJ’s with a professional mail-out

For record labels:

Our copywriting services can help you stand out from your competitors. Professional copywriting can increase sales and the click-trough rate in your promotional campaigns. Our services include a range of editorial and associated services. We can help you with the copywriting for your record label. From promotional texts to social media, from press releases to content management.


There’s nothing more important than a proper background story. Where do you come from, what’s your ambition, where do you want to go? A well-written biography won’t only profile you as an artist, or distinguish your company’s core values, but also becomes the starting point for press, promoters and labels within the industry.

Press releases

An entirely different tone-of-voice, press releases connect the story you want to tell with the world of media that’s hot today. Informative, straight to the point, serving only the points you want to highlight. DANCEWRITE knows exactly which title works best, which quote to highlight, and how to make sure that the spotlights are set on you and your message.  

Website content

Whether you like your news pieces and items to be short and straight to the point, or lengthy and in-depth, DANCEWRITE meets your wishes and does proper background investigation. Adapting the writing style to your tone-of-voice, each article will make a great fit to your website or newsletter. 


DANCEWRITE likes to be original. And so, our interviews are well-prepared, and well thought out. We never do any interviews without background info, or searching for other interviews online. Our strategy is to surprise the interviewee and make sure he or she enjoys it as much as we do. The more interesting the questions, the better the answers.     

Social Media

Direct communication to your fan base, your target group, is one of the most important aspects of building a career. DANCEWRITE has outstanding experience in several social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and more. Advising you on social media strategy, as well as writing your content, you can keep your focus on music.  


The electronic dance music scene is one of constant change and new sounds. Each day, new releases and artists join the world of music. And these deserve a voice to be heard. With years of experience and a broad taste in (electronic dance) music, your reviews are in safe hands.  

Release info

Albums, singles, digital packs…anything that needs a write-up, gets our full attention. DANCEWRITE listens to the music, feels it, and only then starts writing. Release info’s aren’t only there for the business side of things, but also need to trigger your fan-base and attract new music lovers.

Promo mailouts

What you want, is for the big DJ’s to pick up your track and play it, right? Using DANCEWRITE to promote your track will get you a slick-looking mail-out with a professional promo-text and artist profile, sent out to our database of 1500+ DJ’s within the trance, house or techno/deep-house genre.