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Looking for a professionally written artist profile, to promote you as an artist, DJ, singer or other dance music professional? DanceWrite is set up by a very experienced copywriter that has been working in the EDM scene for years. An artist profile is a short version biography, that promotes you and your music, and builds your online presence on social media. It’s essential to record labels and in the EDM scene, that you have a clear, well-written artist profile, and DanceWrite is more than happy to help you out with that!

Biography Monster

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Artist Profile

There’s nothing more important than a proper background story. Where do you come from? What’s your ambition? Where do you want to go? A well-written artist profile – a short version biography – won’t only profile you as an artist, or distinguish your company’s core values, but also becomes the starting point for press, promoters and labels within the industry.

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Our work – What does DANCEWRITE do?

We’re offering you a full range of promotional services, helping you to build your career from A to Z. We take care of your online presence by delivering professionally written biographies, artist profiles, press releases, interviews, website content and more. But next to that, we also offer the service to send out your track to our database of more than 1500 DJ’s and promote it. Here’s a list of what  DANCEWRITE can help you with:

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  • Full and extended biographies
  • Short version biographies/ artist profiles
  • Press releases for artist news, tracks, albums, mixes and merchandise
  • Website items/news articles
  • Interviews
  • Advise on social media strategy
  • Promotion of your track to our database of DJ’s with a professional mail-out


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