Project Description

losangrynerds“Something’s roaring in the underground, building energy and thriving to find its way up. And it will. The only thing that stands between the story of success of the new-found sensation of Los Angry Nerds, is time. Two guys from the creative city of Rotterdam, whose identity remains a secret, have joined forces and are ready to take their musical talents to a higher level. Fusing the old-school, packing 80’s & 90’s loops and dance anthems, with today’s electro, house and indie influences, a sound like theirs is a rare find these days. The Nerds combine a fine sense of technology with a lifelong passion for anything that sets things alight on the dance floor. The result is nothing but high energy, a melting pot of styles and a mystery that grows bigger with each set and production.”

Artist Profile/Biography for Los Angry Nerds