Project Description

musicterraePushing the boundaries of techno, house and experimental music, Music Terrae is home to the refreshing sounds of upcoming talents, hidden gems and lost, musical treasures. Whatever feels good, sounds good and wows the A&R’s, sees its release on the label, no matter how popular or undiscovered the artist might be.

Music Terrae hopes to stimulate the electronic dance music scene by creating a platform to help new talent stand out from the ever-growing crowd of wannabe’s and copycats. It’s all about originality, making a statement and being inventive. First up, are releases by Reykjavik 606 and Skygaze. Two acts with outstanding tracks – the prime example of the unique and exciting things that Music Terrae’s got planned to blow our minds and bend the genres.

Don’t stop creating your way
Don’t stop finding your style
Don’t stop following your authentic path
Start to walk, be brave, be angry, be you.
Music Terrae is waiting for those intrepid travelers looking for their purpose in life.

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